Turf Talk

Lawned Garden — Root Feeding in Gurley, AL
Our program is designed to control unsightly weeds that can distract from the beauty of your lawn. We control turf-damaging insects by attacking insects throughout the year. We treat your lawn properly according to the season and temperature. Fertilization is an important part of our lawn care program; good nutrition is crucial in achieving a healthy lawn. We always provide the proper amount of fertilizer for your lawn.
The professionals at TurfKeeper want all clients to be educated about their lawn and lawn care, so let’s talk turf…
  • Turf: A surface layer of earth that contains grass and roots
  • Weed: A plant out of place or any undesired, uncultivated plant, especially when found crowding out desired plants
  • Pre-Emergence Weed Control: An application applied prior to weed seeds germinating
  • Post Emergence Weed Control: Applied after weeds have emerged from the seeds and are growing
  • Fertilizer: Used to enrich the soil
  • Lime: Used to neutralize acid soil and to sweeten the soil and also helps turf absorb the nutrients from the soil
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